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    Earn Rewards for Driving Text-Free

    Earn Rewards for Driving Text-Free

    Stop Texting and Driving

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  • Drive Beehive™ Joins Forces with TextNinja!

    Drive Beehive™ Joins Forces with TextNinja!


    What’s All the Buzz?

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    Text-Free Driving Kits

    Text-Free Driving Kits

    It’s a no-brainer. Reserve one today and start driving text-free.


    Take Action!

Know a friend or family member that can’t stop texting and driving? Teen drivers can establish safe driving habits and parents can break their own bad habits.

Protect Your Family

We empower safety groups with a tool to prevent texting and driving and track progress toward saving a life. Let’s end distracted driving, together!

Start A Campaign

Find out how fleets are changing driver behavior, improving engagement, and reducing risk while avoiding the perception of “big brother” telematics.

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The Texting and Driving Resource Hub

TextNinja is an all-inclusive hub for distracted driving awareness and digital wellness. We provide resources, stories, and expert content covering the laws, statistics, and solutions for complex issues like texting and driving. To combat dangerous uses of technology it’s important that we work together to change the social trends. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, speaker, influencer, teacher, or parent seeking resources, TextNinja is THE headquarters in the battle against distracted driving.

“TextNinja is the Official App of PADD (People Against Distracted Driving)”
Official App of People Against Distracted Driving

Prevent Other People from Distracting You While Driving

Let’s face it, checking your phone is a habit that’s hard to break. Our solution removes the temptation to look while driving and uses rewards to form new, safer habits.

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  How the App Works

  The Statistics of Distracted Driving

  State Laws and the Cost of Texting and Driving

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Safety Meets Connected Car

We use the latest in connected car technology to ensure the app only engages when you’re driving and doesn’t eat up your battery.
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  Connected Car

  Other compatible driving triggers

Family-Owned and Operated

TextNinja Co. is a family-owned and operated business seeking to put an end to distracted driving. The company started as a conversation on a canoe with a high school teacher and quickly turned into a tech family’s dream: Solving a serious real-world problem with the technology they grew up with. The company also partners with national safety organizations and donates profits to charity.

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Love This App

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