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Campaigns to Stop Texting and Driving

What is an Awareness Campaign?

Organizations of all sizes can create awareness campaigns within the MOTOVATE app to help stop texting and driving. These give users the ability to drive text-free in the name of a specific cause. The in-app campaign tracks how many people the story has inspired to drive text-free, and is even able to show how many safe miles have been driven, collisions avoided, and potential lives have been saved!

Adding a Call-To-Action to Story

When a person hears a story about texting and driving, there is a moment where they are ‘switched on’ and willing to make a change. It’s at that moment your message can inspire action, and that audience member can decide to actually do something for their self and others. A call-to-action to join your awareness campaign gives people a first step they can take to start driving safely.

Some Extra ‘Motovation’

Learn how we are pairing up sponsors with safety groups for the Motovation Nation. Be part of the scholarship giveaway where you can tell your story at a winning student’s school, or even become a sponsor yourself.

PADD Awareness Campaign in Motovate App


Other Popular Texting and Driving Campaigns

APB Foundation Fights to Stop texting and driving
The Conor Lynch Foundation supports TextNinja and text-free driving
Students Against Destructive Decisions
National Organization for Youth Safety

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Create Your Campaign

To get started with your campaign for awareness, please fill out the form below. We will send you an email to confirm the details and then add your campaign to the MOTOVATE™ app. Have any questions or need more details? Let us know – we’re happy to begin our connection with you!