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The TextNinja High School Challenge

Does Your School Have What it Takes?

High schools across the nation are signing up to compete in the TextNinja High School Challenge. It’s a a unique way to spread awareness about distracted driving AND actually do something about it. Plus winning is pretty cool, too! #ChallengeAccepted

We have teamed up with safety organizations across the country to add a call-to-action to their powerful messages. These groups go from school to school, telling their story, and helping to raise awareness about the issue of distracted driving. Now, with each new driver they inspire, they can engage with them in a friendly and effective call-to-action to drive safer.

How it works:

1. Sign up your school. It’s FREE!
2. Receive the TextNinja Empower Pack to start a successful campaign at your school.
3. Share your school’s campaign with students via a special code.
4. Take the pledge and start driving text-free with the MOTOVATE™ app.
5. Points will automatically be tallied toward your school’s campaign.

NEW: The APBF Florida Challenge

APB Foundation Fights to Stop texting and driving

Participants:   Students, Teachers, and Parents of Leon County Florida
Duration:   Begins Dec 2017
Ends April 2018


Participating Text Free Driving High Schools


Why are we doing this?

Because 50% of students will be involved in a traffic collision before graduating high school.

Distracted driving has been a major cause in the increase in traffic deaths in recent years. Young drivers are particularly at high risk due to their inexperience as drivers and digital footprint. Just telling people to stop texting while driving does not have much of an effect. Instead, we are focused on making fun and engaging to do the right thing – plus a few ‘motovational’ rewards go a long way!

Learn more about:

Distracted Driving Statistics
Why Texting and Driving is particularly dangerous
How Motovate helps prevent distracted driving


The TextNinja High School Empowerment Pack

Schools Reduce Distracted Driving with Motovate App



1. Start an effective and actionable safety campaign at your school
2. Compete against other schools in the TextNinja High School Challenge
3. Reduce the number of collisions at your school this year


– A custom app link which allows students to get the MOTOVATE™ app and join your high school campaign in one click
– A tracking code to share with parents and students for a discount on connected car adapters
– Extra materials, graphics, and ideas to help get your Campaign moving


Sign Up Your School

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NOTE - It's a good idea to elect a teacher or school admin, as they will serve as your school ambassador.


Want Your Favorite Artist to Perform at Your School?

Share this with your favorite band or entertainer. Many celebrities are looking for special events like this to help a good cause. Maybe your favorite artist will be the one to show up at your school!

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