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The Texting and Driving Awareness Movement

Telling the Story: A Key Ingredient for Change

There are many organizations, companies, speakers, and advocacy groups telling their stories to help to spread distracted driving awareness. As this is a relatively new problem, raising awareness is an important aspect of the solution. That’s why we designed MOTOVATE™ with these groups in mind, to enable them to become a stronger voice and effect greater change. This is how we join forces to end distracted driving.

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“Facts don’t stick, but stories do.” ~April Rai, CEO
National Organization for Youth Safety

Organizations to Stop Texting and Driving

There are literally hundreds of organizations working to stop texting and driving. At TextNinja, we know it’s going to take a group effort to raise awareness and start making an impact. By joining forces we are empowering these groups with tools to be as effective as possible. Here are a few featured safety organizations fighting distracted driving with MOTOVATE™.

Safety Organization

APB Foundation Fights to Stop texting and driving

Their Mission

The Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness on the consequences of distracted driving. We’re on a mission to educate drivers, save lives, and end this deadly epidemic. In addition to anti-distracted driving initiatives, the APB Foundation seeks to strengthen the local community through charity and outreach, while doing good deeds and “random acts of kindness” in the name and memory of Anthony Phoenix Branca. See More

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People Against Distracted Driving
People Against Distracted Driving is a foundation formed in 2012 in memory of Nikki Kellenyi. Nikki was a beloved Washington Township high school senior who died at the age of 18. She was a passenger victim of a distracted driving auto crash one month before her high school senior prom. The foundation helps raise texting and driving awareness and aid the families of distracted driving victims.

texting and driving awareness campaigns

The Conor Lynch Foundation was established to support new and existing programs that raise awareness and promote the safety of runners, pedestrians, cyclists and young drivers in honor of Conor Lynch (1994-2010).

A Promise to Adam Organization

The family and friends of Adam London created a movement to educate parents and their children about the dangers of risky driving. Adam was killed in a distracted driving collision on August 23, 2010. “A Promise to Adam” is a dedicated pledge to end distracted driving, honoring the life of Adam London.

Ben Pohl Speaks about Distracted Driving

Ben Pohl is a motivational speaker and survivor who tells his story of paying a high price for distracted driving. “My penalty was relearning how to walk and speak at a young age and spending the rest of my life wondering why this happened to me.” ~Ben

National Organization for Youth Safety

The National Organizations for Youth Safety builds partnerships that save lives, prevent injuries, and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth while encouraging youth empowerment and leadership.

Students Against Destructive Decisions

For 35 years, SADD has been the leading organization committed to saving lives by empowering teens to stand strong against destructive decisions. Since its foundation in 1981, SADD has impacted the lives of millions: students, friends, parents, school & community leaders, law enforcement officials, and more! The strong connections that these groups built with SADD has resonated and grown into a brand that is recognized across the nation as a remarkable experience, equipping teens to become leaders and role models in their home communities and across the nation.