Double Jeopardy – Distracted Driving During COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has unequivocally put immense pressures on fleets all around the world. As transportation workers push themselves to the limits to keep warehouse and supermarkets stocked, it has also put a severe strain on fleet safety programs and added pressure to fleet and safety leaders everywhere. Add the ever-present risk of distracted driving to severe driver fatigue, and now the problems of long hours behind the wheel are compounded to point where businesses are now fighting fleet safety on two fronts. The good news? There are technologies available to help fight this battle and keep drivers safe.
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Fleet Service Update

Press Release: Motovate Announces New Fleet Service Model, beginning with BrightMile

As of June 1st, 2020, Motovate™ is partnering with Brightmile™ to offer a best-in-class distracted driving service for corporate fleets. This added service offers a fully managed safe driving program for corporate fleets who are interested in engaging with their employees instead of forcing them to comply with a ‘big brother’ safety policy. Read more

Introducing Motovate Fleet for Free

At Motovate, we are passionate about driver safety. We believe in doing our part to make the roads safer for everyone and, in doing so, meeting our social responsibility mission. Read more

Mobile Telematics for the Grey Fleet

Grey fleet (or “gray” fleet) is the term used to describe any vehicles that do not belong to the company, but which are used for business travel. This includes vehicles owned or leased by the employee via some form of reimbursement program from the employer. When these vehicles are driven on company business, they are considered part of the “grey fleet” – and as such fall under the responsibility of the employer. Like any company fleet, these drivers and their vehicles can be a challenge to manage.

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Fleet Safety Metrics:  Lagging Indicators vs. “Nagging” Indicators

By: Jim Ramirez

In his blog titled Measurement: Friend or Foe, world renown thought leader and recognized expert on management, Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D., wrote, “Measurement changes nothing unless it is associated with meaningful consequences to those being measured.”  This is especially true for fleet safety metrics, where the ability to influence driver behavior is the biggest challenge facing fleets.  Incentivizing driver behavior can help any fleet reduce their risk, including the risk of distracted driving. However, as Dr. Daniels put it, be aware of which metrics are friend or foe.  

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