Shelley Forney
Safety Speaker

About Shelley

November 25th, 2008- My young 9 year old daughter Erica Forney was riding her bike home from school when a neighbor finishing a phone call while driving struck and killed her. She died on Thanksgiving Day from a 100% preventable car crash. I became a spokesperson and advocate for awareness and began speaking campaign on Erica's behalf. I have spoken on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and many others traveling the world sharing my safety message. No call or text is worth a life!

Presentation Brief

I give a powerful power point presentation addressing the issue of distracted driving. I dive into the science behind the issue and addiction of technology.  We do not multi-task while driving as we all thought we could our brains actually toggle-task. Blue-tooth is not a safe option your mind is still thinking and focused on the conversation. I share my personal story of loss and explain how and why my daughter became another statistic. Education is key to saving lives. Every opportunity I have to share my story are potential lives saved. Hearing the impact and story from the person most impacted does change drivers behavior.

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