Liz Marks
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On April 7, 2012, just two weeks short of her 18th birthday, Liz Marks drove her car into the back of a flat bed truck which was stopped, with its turn signal on, waiting to make a left hand turn. She had looked down to read a text from her mother, Betty Shaw, one word – “OK.”

Presentation Brief

My mom and I, share our experiences with texting and driving with other teens in school, we talk about both sides of our stories.. how you should never text and drive and never get in a car with someone that texts and drives.



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RT @SaveALifeTour1: Interesting read. Could you have guessed which generation is the biggest culprit for distracted driving?

about 8 months ago

RT @Safe_Roads: RT end_dd: RT PA4Justice: This morning PAJ member & co-founder of end_dd , Joel Feldman, gave a presentation to students at…

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RT @FonvielleM: We are excited to sponsor the Tallahassee/Thomasville $5000 Safe Driving Scholarship @motovateapp @textninjahq

about 12 months ago

Does the person you love need a little 'motovation' to put down their phone while driving? #BeMine…

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