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I am Ben Pohl and am guilty of being a "distracted driver". I paid a great penalty at a young age (17). My penalty was spending two years relearning how to walk and speak. Take a moment to watch some of my videos below that will give you a more robust story and what happened to my four best friends. It was a horrific crash. No one should have made it. I essentially came back from the dead - the ER doctors were sure I would not make it through the night. I am now older and have made it my mission to make sure that people are aware of the risk and consequences so that they don't end up like I did or worse. Distractions are not just part of driving - they encircle life and if allowed into our lives, ensure we end up places that we don't want to be...I focus on my own life and how distracted driving changed my life. I am determined to make a positive out of such a negative life event. People have to ask themselves "Could I hurt or kill another person?" If you text and drive or engaged in other distractions while driving, you are saying that you are okay with it.

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Check out my website - there is a lot of information located there. I speak to high schools and community organizations all across the United States.



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