Jim Ramirez
Founder & CEO
After earning his degree in engineering in 2006, Jim spent 6 years with Accenture and served clients across the United States and in Australia. Today he is venturing out to bring new ideas to market with his umbrella company HYHAT LLC (an acronym for Have You Heard About This?). With a balance of experience in development and project management, Jim is passionately determined to make TextNinja a success. His love for “making things happen” also translates into his personal life, and he can often be found surfing, sailing, snowboarding, or enjoying epic play sessions with his four-year-old daughter Melody.  

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RT @ShreyaMemorial: Something as simple as a text could cost you a life or even worse, the life of someone else #putitdown #distractionfree

about 3 days ago

It's National Teen Driver Safety Week & a great time to start the convo about #safedriving! #NTDSW #endDD…

about 4 days ago

RT How will you #takeaction for Nat'l Teen Driver Safety Week? Take the TextNinja Challenge! #NTDSW #distracteddriving https:…

about 4 days ago

RT @PADDorg: Jump behind the wheel to see how dangerous #distracteddriving & #DrunkDriving really is! Saturday 11-3 #free #charity @Natali…

about 1 week ago

Awesome turn out!! #leaderswanted

about 2 weeks ago

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