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Solutions to Texting and Driving

Understanding the problem is key to finding appropriate solutions to texting and driving, and distracted or dangerous driving in general. Distracted driving comes in many forms, texting and driving being just one of them. Luckily, although technology has created the problem, we believe technology can help to solve it.

Using Distracted Driving Prevention Technology

There are many forms of distraction, and the needs of a driver vary by age, occupation, and location. Below are some different types of solutions that are helping to reduce distractions behind the wheel.

  1. iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” Mode
  2. Apple unveiled the much anticipated feature for iOS 11 that allows the iPhone to minimize distractions while driving. If you have an iPhone, it’s one of the best ways to reduce the temptation to check your phone when it “dings” or rings.

    Pro Tip: Check out our complete guide on how to use Do Not Disturb While Driving mode to start using the feature like a boss.

    Apple Do not disturb while driving

  3. Safety Incentive Programs
  4. Our core mission and flagship product is an app-supported incentive program to reduce distractions while driving. We pick up where features like “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode left off, and give drivers a reason to join the safe-driving awareness movement. It’s the most fun and engaging solution to texting and driving.

    The Motovate Safe Driving Incentive Program


    The program uses gameful design and rewards to incentivize drivers to not use their phone while they’re on the move. Fleets use it as a health and benefits safety program, while drivers can share and create teams with their families and friends.

    Fleet Managers: Motovate Your Fleet

    Know someone who could use a little ‘Motovation’? Send a personal reward.

    Try the app yourself!

  5. Hands-free Devices
  6. While it has been shown that hands-free devices can still be distracting, it’s important to have if you are required to make and accept phone calls while you drive for work.

    Here’s a link to the best-reviewed hands-free, bluetooth car kits of 2017.

    Pro Tip: The MOTOVATE™ app can be setup to use your car’s built-in Bluetooth “infotainment” system or a hands-free Bluetooth system as a signal that you’re driving to block other distractions, too.

    drive using a bluetooth hands-free headset

  7. The Phone Dock
  8. Though phone docks once seemed like just a gimmick or fad, they actually come in handy when using your phone for navigation. One of the most distracting things you can do with a cell phone, besides texting, is look and scroll through maps.

    So, if you need to use maps while you drive, make sure you put your phone in an easy-to-view place. Consider using a phone dock to make this into an easy and simple habit.

    Check out this recent list of the best car phone dashboard mounts.

    Reduce driver distraction with a phone dock

  9. Texting and Driving Pledge Cards
  10. For families with new drivers, sometimes the easiest answer can be an education. Having a serious conversation about phone use while driving can sometimes be awkward. But signing a pledge or driving agreement may raise awareness just high enough to start forming a safe driving habit. Acknowledgment is the first step to being more aware.

    No texting and driving pledge

    No Texting and Driving Pledge Cards

    Acknowledgement is the first step to taking action. These pledge cards are simple, yet powerful.

    Pro Tip: Every text-free driving kit comes with 2 pledge cards


  11. Texting Thumb Bands
  12. Need an extra reminder to kick off the new habit? Try using texting thumb bands as an added reminder to stay focused on the road, and not on your phone.

    In 2016, TextNinja and Texting Thumb Bands joined forces to help raise awareness in high schools. For more information and to order please visit the texting thumb bands website.

    texting thumb bands

  13. Stopping Text Messages at the Network Level
  14. Our friends at Katasi in Boulder Colorado are working with network carriers to try and implement a network-wide solution to cell phone use while driving.

    cell phone network tower


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The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

We track our steps for fitness, this tracks our miles for safe driving.