Texting and Driving Facts
Texting and Driving Facts
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Shocking Texting and Driving Facts

Texting and driving is one of the worst forms of driver distraction – hopefully these texting and driving facts can help prevent it.

  • Causes visual, cognitive, and physical driving impairment.
  • Increases your chances of a collision by almost 23x!
  • Is around TWICE the increased chance of driving drunk.
texting and driving facts

9 Recent Facts About Texting and Driving

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Facts About Texting and Driving Teenagers

  • Teen drivers receive the most calls from their parents.
  • Even though teens recognize that talking or texting on a cell phone or using social media apps while driving is unsafe, they often engage in these behaviors while driving.
  • FOMO – The Fear Of Missing Out
Facts About Teenagers Texting and Driving


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