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Use This Calculator to Find the Real Risks of Texting and Driving in Your Life

Enter values in the fields below in the texting and driving calculator to see when the next distracted driving collision is due to occur within your circle of friends. You might be surprised at how much money could be saved, the level of risk that’s being taken, and how soon someone you know will be involved in a distracted driving collision.


Your Friends

Their Driving Habits


Enter values in the fields above to calculate the results.

Friends reveal the danger of texting and driving statistics

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The Risks of Texting and Driving are Very Real

Think about it. Every time you or a friend gets away with texting behind the wheel, you’re one step closer to your number being up. The good news is, it’s totally preventable by silencing the distractions. Don’t let one of your friends be next – #TakeAction!

Texting and Driving is Not Free

Not only could it cost you your life, it will definitely cost you money. Notice the average cost of a collision is over $3,000. That does not factor in potential injuries, fines, increased insurance rates, and embarrassment. The number of days calculated above is how long it will take before you or a friend will owe an average of $3,000, just for car repairs.

Take the #TextNinjaChallenge and get yourself and your friends some protection from risks of texting and driving.

Be Safe – Save money – Drive Text-Free


Safe Driving Kit to Reduce Distracted Driving


This inclusive kit provides you with everything you need to start driving text-free. MOTOVATE™ is optimized to be smart and accurate (the connected car adapter), to credit you and organizations for awareness efforts (personalized app link), and give you the power to break the habit.


– A MOTOVATE™ App Link
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– The TextNinja Challenge Pledge
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