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The leaders of the awareness movement to end distracted driving are the people who have been personally affected. Everyday this number of people grows as more and more people experience a close call, become an injured victim, or sadly become part of a tragedy story.

There is a bright side to this, however. Human beings are strong, and some of the most courageous men and women can stand up when something like this happens and speak. These rare but powerful speakers don’t want you to experience what they have been through – and they tell their story to try to improve your chances of staying safe.

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“Facts don’t stick, but stories do.” ~April Rai, CEO
National Organization for Youth Safety

The Distracted Driving Speaker Directory

Demetrius Branca

Demetrius Branca

President at APB Foundation

Demetrius Branca co-founded the Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation in memory of his 19-year old son and best friend, Anthony, who was killed by a distracted driver. This tragedy launched Demetrius’ mission to raise awareness around distracted driving and lead Anthony’s Revolution for change.

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Shelley Forney Distracted Driving Speaker

Shelley Forney

Safety Speaker

November 25th, 2008- My young 9 year old daughter Erica Forney was riding her bike home from school when a neighbor finishing a phone call while driving struck and killed her. She died on Thanksgiving Day from a 100% preventable car crash. I became a spokesperson and advocate for awareness…

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Ben Pohl

Ben Pohl

Public Speaker | Automotive Technician

I am Ben Pohl and am guilty of being a “distracted driver”. I paid a great penalty at a young age (17). My penalty was spending two years relearning how to walk and speak.

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