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We are happy to announce a special fundraising opportunity for non-profit groups called the TextNinja GiveBack program!

  • Share and promote a working solution
  • Measure your campaign’s effectiveness
  • Raise money to further your cause!

How the GiveBack program works

Your organization can promote TextNinja with your own special discount code. For every order purchased from your promotional efforts, TextNinja will donate ~10% of the sale proceeds to your organization (via our partner donation app, uBack). On top of that, the new user will automatically join your campaign via the app link and start driving text-free in the name of your cause.

Getting Started

  1. If you haven’t already, create a TextNinja Campaign. Our team will send you a Campaign Empower Pack that contains everything you’ll need to promote and track your progress (your unique discount code, app link, and extra campaign materials).
  2. Sign up your non-profit organization on the uBack app to accept donations. It’s a free and easy way for people to donate to your cause.
  3. TextNinja will submit payments at the end of each month for the aggregated GiveBack amount.

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