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Why is Texting and Driving Bad?

There are many types of distractions any driver encounters. In fact, distracted driving can come in 3 different forms:

Why is texting and driving bad?

Texting and driving causes all 3 forms of distraction simultaneously.

  1. Visual Distraction – You’re looking away at your phone.
  2. Cognitive Distraction – You’re reading and thinking about the conversation.
  3. Physical Distraction – You’re typing on the keyboard or handling the phone while you respond.

What’s worse, is that a text distraction is usually initiated by others who are unaware that you are driving. In these cases, the “ding” notification of your phone literally steals your attention away from driving. We call this “the modern day version of Pavlov’s dog”. The distractions blind us from our driving responsibility, and we are unable to react to dangers that spring up in those moments.

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