Questions and AnswersCategory: Motovate FAQsWhat are my safe miles worth?
admin Staff asked 4 years ago

As a general guideline, a safe mile is worth around $0.05 (five cents). This rule of thumb is based on the statistics of distracted driving, the costs of distracted driving, and then what your savings would be if you drove with focus.

If you’re driving for a corporate team, your safe miles may be converted to a rewards system that your company already uses. We recommend the five cents rule of thumb for the conversion rate, but this may vary depending on a few factors.

If you’ve setup or are driving for a reward sponsored by a loved one, the value of a safe mile will be whatever the person sponsoring your reward set it up to be. Sponsored rewards are great because they are flexible. Maybe the reward is a night out at the movies (~$50), or maybe it’s a special freedom to your teenage daughter (priceless).

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