Questions and AnswersCategory: Motovate FAQsWhat kind of data does the Motovate app collect?
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Motovate tracks the driving trips you complete without using your phone. These “safe miles” can be used for rewards and chances to win contests. In essence, this is much like a step counter, but for safe driving.

While we have to collect some data to accurately track this, we understand the importance of data privacy, so we want to be clear about what data is measured, when it’s measured, and what it’s used for. For additional information on data privacy, check out our [privacy policy].

Trip Data

Each time a user drives with Motovate, a record of the trip stored locally and in the cloud. Trips are used to record miles, show progress over time, and help the driver get feedback from the app.

When it’s Collected: Trips are only collected when Motovate is engaged.

Accuracy: Trip accuracy is near 100% when using OBDII Bluetooth hardware. This is because the data being collected comes directly from the car, begins when the car turns on, and ends when the car turns off.

Speed Data

Real-time speed is collected from OBDII data or, when in “No Hardware” mode, from the phone’s location services. Speed is used to determine driving state, and to calculate distance information (safe miles).

When it’s Collected: The speed and distance are recorded when the app is on and engaged. Basically, while you are driving it is recording your speed.

Accuracy: OBDII speed data is near 100% and gets sampled each second. Phone data (“No Hardware” mode) is within 5 mph of accuracy, and is sampled every 3 seconds.

Location Data

In “No Hardware” mode (not using OBDII BT), location permissions are needed in order to use the phone’s location services, which in turn is used to measure speed, too. We also use location to determine local reward offers that can be pursued and redeemed by the user. To do this, we store a start location and an end location.

When it’s Collected: Location is recorded when the app is on and engaged.

Accuracy: Phone location data (“No Hardware” mode) is within 5 meters, which converts to speed that is sampled every 3 seconds.

Max Speeding and Hard-braking Events

This data is sometimes collected (by request of fleet managers) to help identify coachable moments and to report risks. Please check with your manager to find out if they are reporting on this.

If it is collected, the date and time of the occurrence is saved. Only maximum speed data is collected – it s not measured against the local speed limit. Hard braking events are recorded when the change in speed is greater than 10 mph in 1 second.

When it’s Collected: During the course of the trip with Motovate on and engaged.

Accuracy: OBDII speed data is near 100% and sampled every second. Deceleration greater than 10 mph in 1 second is considered a hard-braking event by industry standards.