Questions and AnswersCategory: Texting and DrivingHow many crashes are caused by texting and driving?
jjramirez asked 4 years ago

how many crashes are caused by texting and driving?

How many crashes are caused by texting and driving?

According to NHTSA, there were 69,000 crashes in 2014 caused by cell phone distraction, which is almost 10% of the total crashes.

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In any given year, there are over 1.5 Million collisions due to distracted driving as a whole. Texting and driving likely make up a large majority of those collisions, but it is almost impossible to get an accurate figure. Furthermore, most collisions due to texting and driving go unreported, as they typically occur at slower speeds in traffic.

Food for Thought: The conflicting incentive

When a driver is texting while they are stopped at a red light, and get rear ended when it turns green because of that few second delay to accelerate, it’s actually still the fault of the driver who rear ended them. Now the driver in front is quick to allow the incident to go unreported, since they know they were also at fault.

(Is that fair? We’d love to hear your thoughts.)

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