Questions and AnswersCategory: iOS DND ModeHow do you enable do not disturb while driving?
jjramirez asked 3 years ago

Enable iPhone’s Do Not Disturb While Driving feature by setting the “Activate” option to either “Automatic” or “When connected to car bluetooth”. Read our blog post for full details on how Apple’s Do No Disturb While Driving Mode works, including how it works with other solutions.

When set to Automatic:
– The iPhone will use WiFi connections and location services to detect that you’re driving
– The service will engage without you doing anything

When set to “When connected to car bluetooth”
– The iPhone will use Bluetooth connection events as indicators that you’re in your car
– The service will engage as soon as you connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth

To Disable the feature: Set this “Activate” option to “Manual”. This will require you to manually turn the feature on, and will leave it off until you do so.

How To Setup iOS Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode