Jim Ramirez Staff asked 10 months ago

Earn Rewards for Not Texting and Driving

Aside from any personal agreements you make between yourself and your loved ones, the best incentive is a real reward. We’ve added rewards directly into the app, enter new users into a monthly contest just for downloading, and are partnering up with national brands to deliver redeemable rewards for virtual currency.

Special Offers to Get You Started

Because taking the first step can be the hardest, you can win a reward just for downloading the app! We team up with brands directly to bring you special reward incentives like concert tickets, restaurant freebies, coffee, and more!

In-App Rewards

Each driving milestone you achieve will earn you a reward. TextNinja has teamed up with Kiip to give safe drivers real tangible rewards for doing the right thing. Rewards vary based on demographics and the difficulty of the driving achievement. So the more you drive text-free, the bigger the reward!

How it works:

  1. Drive text-free with TextNinja engaged
  2. When you achieve a driving milestone, the reward will pop up
  3. Click redeem to have the reward emailed to you
  4. Enjoy!

kiip rewards for driving text-free

earn rewards for not texting and driving


What is the value of driving text-free?

We’ve done the math, and it turns out that every text message that doesn’t distract you is worth about a nickle! For every mile driven text-free and every distraction prevented, you’re putting (keeping) money in the bank.

Coming Soon: Virtual Currency

We will soon be unveiling a marketplace within the app that you can use to cash in your safe driving points for rewards at local businesses.