Questions and AnswersCategory: Texting and DrivingHow can we stop texting and driving?
jjramirez asked 3 years ago

How can we stop texting and driving?

Here are 5 easy ways we can stop texting and driving:

  1. Use an app to assist
  2. Put your phone away while driving
  3. Let someone else do the texting.
  4. Wear reminders or put an X on your thumbs
  5. Write up and sign a driving pledge

We’ve compared texting and driving solutions and offer up the best pros and cons of each.

Texting and driving is a dangerous form of distracted driving. To stop it requires understanding it’s root cause and the forces driving the particular person to do it. A solution for one person, might not be applicable to another (example: a driving pledge may work for a new teenage driver, but not for an adult commuter).