Questions and AnswersCategory: Motovate FAQsWhat is a campaign deep link?
jjramirez asked 3 years ago

What is a campaign deep link?

Campaign deep links point users to content inside the MOTOVATE app. Your followers can click on the deep link from their smart phone, which will take them directly into your campaign page in the app. If they don’t have the app installed, it takes them to the appropriate place in the app store to get it. When they install the app and open it for the first time, they will land directly into your campaign page where they can quickly join.

Without a deep link, a person would have to find the MOTOVATE app on the App Store or Play Store, install and open the app, locate the Campaigns function, and then find your campaign and join. So a deep link combines two long steps into one seamless step.

Team links, invites, and rewards work in a similar fashion. They allow someone to click a link and go straight into team or reward within the MOTOVATE app.