Questions and AnswersCategory: Motovate FAQsWhat other apps can I use with the TextNinja Connected Car Adapter?
jjramirez asked 4 years ago

TextNinja Connected Car Adapter Compatibility

We designed the solution to be as effective and useful as possible. By using all of the best practices regarding connected car (OBDII) hardware and mobile software development, our adapters works with many 3rd party apps and our software can use many types of connected car devices.

The TextNinja Bluetooth adapter is like many other connected car Bluetooth devices you could buy off the shelf, but we’re giving you the best reason for upgrading car today: Protecting yourself and family from distracted driving.

Additional apps that work with the TextNinja OBD Bluetooth Adapter

Here is a list of our favorite apps that utilize OBD connected car data:
– Torque
– Dash
– Carista
– Engine Link

NOTE: This list is for the Android-only adapter (legacy bluetooth). We are working on the list for our upgraded version that works on iPhone and utilizes Bluetooth LE.

Other OBD Bluetooth devices that work with the TextNinja app

We can’t go through the exhaustive list of every device that might work. What we can say is that if it uses Bluetooth and follows OBD protocols, our app will likely connect and talk to it.

We have implemented several integrations with more advanced connected car systems like Vinli, Automatic, and Zubie. These systems are more like connected car platforms, rather than simple Bluetooth relay connections to the car’s computer. They are great for a broad range of connected car applications, but are more expensive and usually require a subscription.