Questions and AnswersCategory: Motovate FAQsHow does the Motovate app prevent texting and driving?
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Solving the Problem of a Modern-Day Pavlov’s Dog

The notification ring on your phone triggers a natural habit to look at your phone. This conditioning does not go away when you’re behind the wheel, and it will eventually cause you to be distracted at just the wrong moment.

The Solution: Remove the notifications that trigger you to look at your phone while driving.

Break the habit of texting and driving

Providing a Positive Incentive

The root cause of the problem is FOMO (the fear of missing out), which also means most people need some type of “reward” to replace that satisfaction of staying connected every second.

When you drive with TextNinja engaged, you score points. The scoring system automatically rewards the user for time spent driving text free and additional points for distractions prevented. You can also earn special achievements for both improved driving habits and raising social awareness.

Are the points worth anything?