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Helping Visualize Your Fleet Safety Investment

When it comes to safety investments for different types of fleets, there is no one-size fits all. Fleets often have a variety of vehicle types, drivers, and risk profiles. This makes it difficult to determine what size of investment to make to different areas of your business, what solutions are a good fit for your culture, and where you can make the biggest reduction in risk for an affordable cost.

With this in mind, our new calculator helps you visualize the technology and features across the spectrum of risk factors that matter to you.

Introducing PERCEPT-CON™

PERCEPT-CON™ is an interactive tool that simplifies the complex issue of fleet safety technology so that management can make meaningful cost-benefit decisions. It ensures the scalability of the fleet safety solution that you choose, so that you do not over spend or put your company culture at risk.

How Does it Work?

The self-assessment questionnaire will organize the factors about your fleet and culture to give you a PERCEPT-CON™ score. As you slide along the range of technologies and features that you are considering, this score will help you understand where your fleet fits.

We want to help you find the right tool for the job. If you can get away with something more lightweight like our MOTOVATE™ solution, that is great. If you need something more heavy duty, we can help you find the right partner through our partnerships with telematics providers.

Take the Self-Assessment

Use the form below to receive the latest version of our PERCEPT-CON™ tool. There is no cost or obligation to work with us. We’re simply here to help you make better decisions.