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Setup a Safe Driving Program with Motovate for FREE

Motovate is proud to announce a new program that eliminates subscription fees for the use of our distraction driving prevention technology. Through our new “self-service” program, fleet and safety managers will have full control over the registration, implementation and oversight of every aspect of our leading edge technology – all free of charge!

Create a Fleet Team

Use the form below to create a fleet team within the Motovate app. You can invite your entire fleet of drivers, executives, and other company employees. There is no limit to how much you can use the app to improve driver behavior!

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Accessing Team Data

We have a number of ways we can supply the data from your team of fleet drivers. If you are interested in setting this up so you can track safe driving activity, we can work to make this part of your safety program.

How Fleet Teams Work

Corporate and fleet teams are easy to create, share, and track.

Simple Steps:

  1. Create a team using the form here.
  2. An invitation email will be sent with a special mobile link to the team within the app.
  3. Use the link to invite other employees and fleet drivers to the team.
  4. Challenge each other with special rewards and contests.

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What is a Team?

Motovate uses a positive approach to behavior change. Particularly, in our proprietary behavior change model we use accountability as one of the most visible ways to promote action. Teams are a way to create visibility in your safe driving program, where each driver can see who’s leading and setting a good example. Rewards supercharge this engagement by creating challenges and custom incentives catered specifically to your company or fleet demographics.

Why are we doing this?

The voice of our customers indicate that this new approach is in demand. The total cost of ownership for mobile telematics is very high for everyone. The cost of the technology plus direct costs for managed driver incentives can be prohibitive. In our new model, we are reducing this cost by eliminating “per driver subscription fees” and therefore freeing company budgets to focus on driver rewards, recognition and contests. In this manner, our fleet customers have more ownership and control of the technology while studying different ways to leverage our cutting edge behavior change model.