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Fleet Driver Safety Program

Our fleet safety solution, MOTOVATE™, is specifically designed for company fleets as a low-cost alternative to heavy telematics. It allows a business to improve driver behavior and engagement, all the while avoiding the perception of “big brother”.

“Fleet safety solutions don’t have to be boring, expensive, or difficult to implement.”Fleet and Safety Manager

“If the consequences are primarily positive, the person will be more likely to improve the measure, get others to use it and tout the changes it made in their behavior.”Aubrey Daniels, PhD Safety Expert

Driving Wellness Program for Fleets

Benefits to Fleet Managers:

  • Identify and reduce risky behaviors
  • Engage with drivers in a way that supports company culture
  • Improve performance through challenges
  • Decrease fleet risk

Benefits to Drivers:

  • Form safe and smart driving habits
  • No hardware or big brother feel
  • Compete and earn rewards for safe driving
  • Share with friends and family

What Our Customers Say:

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The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

We track our steps for fitness, this tracks our miles for safe driving.