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Create Personal Rewards to Stop Texting While Driving

Do you know someone who could use some ‘motovation’  to drive without looking at their phone?

TextNinja has developed a habit-forming app called MOTOVATE ™ that can stop texting while driving by building new healthy driving habits. There are already rewards built right into the app, but what is really effective at stopping texting while driving is when people create their own rewards!

Use Unique Rewards to MOTOVATE ™ Safe Driving

Use the form below to create a unique reward for someone you care about. The reward can be anything: movie night, keys to the car over the weekend, hand car washes, you name it! If you can describe it in the form below then it can be used as a reward. The more the driver wants the reward, the more it stops texting while driving!

The Motovator (You)

Who This Is For (Them)

The Reward

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How a Personal Reward Stops Texting While Driving

Rewards are really easy to create, track, and redeem.

Simple Steps:

  1. Create a reward using the form here.
  2. A special mobile link to use the app is sent via email. The link includes the reward built right in.
  3. When the driver completes the challenge to drive text-free, they earn the reward.
  4. An optional notification can be sent to the creator (you).

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The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

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