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The Dangers of Texting and Driving

Protecting your loved ones from the dangers of texting and driving starts with understanding the problem. By knowing how our minds operate and respond to stimuli, we can form an action plan to protect ourselves and our families.

The Power of a Habit

Checking your phone notifications is a well established psychological habit loop. On average, we check our phones 110 times per day! Information is the reward, and we’ve developed quite an appetite for it. It’s important to remember, however, this is natural process.

Why is this dangerous while driving?

  • The phone doesn’t know the context of what you’re doing
  • The response triggered by the habit loop is involuntary
The habit of text messaging

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

There are many forms of distracted driving, but by far the most dangerous is reading and responding to messages. Most people know the dangers but still do it out of habit, finding ways to justify it or simply admitting it’s wrong and they can’t stop. What makes the problem more complex is that people often need their phone for things like navigation. Phone notifications are part of an intensely ingrained habit loop.

How Serious is the Danger?

  • Texting and driving increases your chances of a collision by almost 23x!
  • Half of all teens will be involved in a car crash before graduating from high school.
  • Everyone is susceptible to the power of habit, including parents.


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What Can You Do?

Now that you understand how habit loops work and the dangers of texting and driving, you can take action to protect yourself and those you love. At TextNinja, we believe using the power of positive incentives (the same power that created the problem) can be used to establish safe driving habits.

Make an Agreement

Establish a driving contract between yourself and your loved one. This is a plan you can both agree to in order to form new safe driving habits. Here is an example pledge to get you started.

Use a Tool

Use an app to help remove the temptation to check your phone while driving. MOTOVATE™ does this AND provides the all-important incentive aspect. Learn more about how the app works.


Make it Personal

Create your own unique rewards for friends and family that celebrate your progress. Personal rewards are the best types of ‘motovation’ and a great way to share the app.

Use Unique Rewards to ‘Motovate’ Safe Driving

Use the form below to create a unique reward for someone you care about. The reward can be anything: movie night, keys to the car over the weekend, hand car washes, you name it! If you can describe it in the form below then it can be used as a reward. The more the driver wants the reward, the more it stops texting while driving!

The Motovator (You)

Who This Is For (Them)

The Reward

* Indicates a required field

How a Personal Reward Stops Texting While Driving

Rewards are really easy to create, track, and redeem.

Simple Steps:

  1. Create a reward using the form here.
  2. A special mobile link to use the app is sent via email. The link includes the reward built right in.
  3. When the driver completes the challenge to drive text-free, they earn the reward.
  4. An optional notification can be sent to the creator (you).

Motovate Logo

“With 3 driving teens, the odds were against me for keeping them safe and an accident off of my insurance policy. But by posting a daily, visible reminder, they thought about safe driving every time they got behind the wheel, and I was able to harness the power of positive incentives.”

~Glenn Gottfried from Illinois