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Prevent Texting and Driving

Whether your business has a fleet, insures drivers, or is looking to put a digital wellness policy to action, we can help you mitigate the increasing threat of distracted driving for your company.

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“TextNinja is the ‘step counter’ for safe driving.” Amy Harmeson, Health and Benefits Manager



TextNinja for Business



  • Reduces the risk and cost of an at-fault vehicle collision
  • Reduces the costs associated with repairs, litigation, and loss of profit
  • Makes it easy to track mileage and enforce a safe driving policy
  • Helps establish and promote digital wellness
  • Upgrades vehicle fleet into a “smart fleet” (learn more about connected car)

TextNinja for Business


TextNinja for Business Pilot Program

TextNinja is looking for early adopters to try out our solution and be grandfathered in at a special rate. These early customers will be able to provide feedback on customizations and features that can be added.

How it works:

  1. We’ll send your company the plug-and-play hardware devices
  2. We’ll create an in-app campaign and leaderboard for your company
  3. Your employees download the FREE app and join your company campaign


  • OBDII compliant vehicles (cars, vans, & light trucks sold in the US after 1996)
  • The app is available on Android and iPhone

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Love This App

Great for preventing distracted driving.