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Our mission at TextNinja Co. is to solve the problem of distracted driving as a whole. This includes raising awareness about the issue, working with our partners, and communicating regularly with the press and media. We’re excited when we get a media outlet to follow us in our mission and try to share everything on this page. You can also find news and articles about TextNinja on our blog.

“TextNinja makes a game of banning texting while driving.”

Recent Press

TextNinja on WGN's Distracted Driving Week
TextNinja is Featured on WGN’s Distracted Driving Week. Our CEO, Jim Ramirez, sits down with Sarah Jindra from WGN to talk about solutions to distracted driving.

TextNinja on Technori Live WGN Radio
We sat down with Technori Live on Chicago WGN radio to chat about TextNinja and solving the problem of texting and driving in America. Listen to the full episode on WGN radio.
jim ramirez chats with scott kitun from technori live

bootstrapping in america xl competition logo
Watch TextNinja compete for a $25,000 investment on TastyTrade’s Bootstrapping in America XL competition.


TextNinja founder Jim Ramirez chats with the Tom and Tony from Bootstrapping in America.

“What if keeping your phone away while driving was as common as putting on your seat belt?”
Chicago Inno Texting and Driving Articles about TextNinja texting and driving article
ScooterFile-logo texting and driving article texting and driving article


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The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

The Step-Counter of Safe Driving

We track our steps for fitness, this tracks our miles for safe driving.