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An Organization to Stop Texting and Driving

TextNinja Co. is a research and design company building tech products around digital wellness and automotive safety. The company was founded in 2015 and is based out of Chicago, IL. In 2016 the company merged with Drive Beehive out of Philadelphia, PA.

Our goal is to improve people’s use of technology so that it can be safely integrated into our lives. Our approach focuses on positive incentive and the psychology of habit to create long lasting improvements in safety, awareness, and phone habits. Phones and other smart tech are not going away, so it’s important that our use of them keeps in mind the priorities of our everyday lives.

Distracted driving is a widespread problem and encompasses many varieties. We started TextNinja in 2013 with a focus on texting and driving. What we found was that the larger problem of distracted driving had its roots in digital wellness and awareness. Today, we are uniting safety groups, people with a story to tell, solutions, and technology – all to help people use technology safer and smarter.

“We are proudly the official app of PADD (People Against Distracted Driving)”
Official App of People Against Distracted Driving

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