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Press Release: Motovate Announces New Fleet Service Model, beginning with BrightMile

As of June 1st, 2020, Motovate™ is partnering with Brightmile™ to offer a best-in-class distracted driving service for corporate fleets. This added service offers a fully managed safe driving program for corporate fleets who are interested in engaging with their employees instead of forcing them to comply with a ‘big brother’ safety policy.

At Motovate™, our number one goal is driver safety. We don’t see safety as a commitment, we see it as a value – a value to the driver, a value to businesses, and a value to society at large.

Why are we changing?

We recognize that every fleet has different safety needs, and every company driver has a unique persona. We also recognize that while Motovate™ is a leading distracted driving application among families, there are several viable driver safety technology vendors in the marketplace. In our new model, we partner with those vendors and “match” them with customers who have specific and unique fleet safety needs. Through our market presence, fleet network and expertise, we can help customers find the best fit solution for driver safety.

With this approach, we can help match customers with suppliers who:

  • Provide driver-ready applications with turnkey solutions for commercial fleets of all types and sizes.
  • Align with your company culture and driver management needs.
  • Deliver vehicle-centric or driver-centric technologies, based on fleet profile, risk management goals, vehicle type, and driver diversity.

What is driving this change?

Fleet diversity and consumer choice. Fleets have a wide variety of missions and choices. However, all fleets have the same priority – the need to manage safety, risk, cost, complexity, and culture fit. In our new model, we help customers navigate this challenge, first and foremost, by identifying their fleet’s mission:

  • Outside sales force (passenger vehicles)
  • Telecommunications network and field services
  • Transport and delivery
  • Equipment and maintenance services
  • Energy Industry or Construction
  • Government Agency or Public Safety/Law Enforcement

After identifying your mission, we will help you choose a fleet safety solution to help you achieve your goals. This approach benefits our customers by providing a tailored approach to implementing fleet safety technology, which eliminates frustration among fleet managers, reduces costs, and reduces complexity.

Welcome to Brightmile!

As part of this new model, Motovate™ has established a relationship with Brightmile, a leading mobile telematics and distracted driving solution provider, with operations in the U.S. and Europe. Motovate™ is proud to be working with such a strong organization and placing their technology with our customers based on fit and driver management goals.

“Our global goal, vision, values, and alignment in the marketplace are simply a match of kin, and to that end we have become family.”

Useful links:

– Get a handle on your fleet perception with our PerceptCon™ risk assessment tool



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