Introducing Motovate Fleet for Free

At Motovate, we are passionate about driver safety. We believe in doing our part to make the roads safer for everyone and, in doing so, meeting our social responsibility mission.

Now Offering Motovate for Corporate Teams for Free

In alignment with this mission, Motovate is pleased to announce a change in our business model. As of August 2019, we will begin offering our distracted driving prevention application free of charge to all commercial and company fleets. Get started today by creating a company team.

Why are we doing this?

Our distracted driving prevention application continues to gain in market presence. Our consumer and fleet apps are one in the same. Motovate is able to offer this program by making our app for fleets fully ‘self-service’. This means that fleet managers and professionals will have full control over the registration, implementation and oversight of every aspect of our leading edge technology.

The voice of our customers indicate that this new approach is in demand. The total cost of ownership for mobile telematics is very high for everyone. The cost of the technology plus direct costs for managed driver incentives can be prohibitive.

In our new model, we are reducing this cost by eliminating “per driver subscription fees” and therefore freeing company budgets to focus on driver rewards, recognition and contests. In this manner, our fleet customers have more ownership and control of the technology while studying different ways to leverage our cutting edge behavior change model.

How are we able to offer this for free?

With our low overhead structure and consumer-driven popularity, we are able to expand our business in to fleet space at the lowest cost of any of our competitors.

To get started, check out our Create a Fleet Team page.



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