Investing in Fleet Safety Technology: Distracted Driving and Telematics

By: TextNinja

Using the PERCEPT-CON™ Program to Help You Decide

When it comes to new (and potentially unproven) fleet safety technologies, there is really only one question: should I make the investment? Moreover, management is asking if this technology is not only the right fit for their fleet risk, but also for their company culture. At TextNinja, we help managers answer those questions through our one-of-a-kind telematics Perception Continuum (PERCEPT-CON™) program.

As its name implies, Percept-Con™ is a process to help fleet managers recognize perception vs. reality along a continuum of fleet safety and cultural needs. It simplifies the complex issue of fleet safety technology (distraction driving prevention, telematics, driver risk ranking, etc.) so that management can make meaningful cost-benefit decisions. It also ensures the scalability of the fleet safety solution that you choose. We do this so that you do not over spend or put your company culture at risk. One size does not fit all.

To help fleet managers understand perception vs. reality, we walk them through the telematics technology continuum. In the Percept-Con™ model, distraction prevention and telematics is ranked on a scale of 1 to 11. Using this scale, the question is posed: Is there a minimum technology that your company can implement that reduces fleet risk, improves driver behavior, and preserves your company culture?


In the technology continuum above, the “benchmark cutoff” area in the middle illustrates where technologies 1 through 6 can be successful with a sales or field service workforce in a largely non-commercial fleet. On the other side, technologies 7 through 11 can be successful with a commercial (large delivery) or long haul fleet.

“Telematics-Light” vs. “Full Telematics”

While many fleet safety technologies, like Motovate, can be deployed in a diverse fleet, we understand the benefits and features of a wide variety of solutions. The term “telematics-light” is a phrase we coined at Motovate to help fleet managers understand that there is a tailored approach to selecting safety technology. It requires an assessment of driver demographics and fleet profile. Telematics-light is an economical and driver-centric solution with distracted driving prevention and behavior management at its core. It also includes social and gaming features aimed at promoting company culture and driving employee engagement.

The benefit of telematics-light is significant for a sedan or small truck-based driver population. On average, sales and field service fleets experience a lower severity of accident claims when compared to heavy commercial fleets. Therefore, investment in full telematics is usually too costly when compared to insurance losses and premium (do you need geofencing for outside sales reps closing a multi-million deal over lunch?) However, telematics-light (ranked 1 through 6 in Percept-Con™) is more scalable and more cost effective. In addition, you can avoid the “control” aspect of full-scale telematics that, if not managed correctly, can harm employee engagement in your sales force.

The Culture Question

Nearly every customer we work with has debated the pros and cons of a telematics program for fleet drivers. On the surface, telematics fits their company’s goal of leveraging technology to improve safety and reduce risk. However, there have been some negative views toward telematics as a process that acts as “big brother.” At TextNinja, we believe that preserving a culture of employee engagement is also important for safety. Our free Percept-Con™ program combines cost analysis with culture assessment to develop recommendations on the fleet safety solution that is right for you. With this program, we use inputs from our customers to help them meet their technology deployment goals while avoiding the negative perception of “controlling” every aspect of their driving.

Take the PERCEPT-CON™ Assessment

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