Leading Companies Against Texting and Driving Create New Solution, MOTOVATE

By: Jess Goodwin

In 2017 TextNinja and Drive Beehive seized an opportunity for a collaboration of efforts against distracted driving. Starting with two teams scattered across four different time zones, we knew there would be challenges. Still, we put aside traditional competitive strategies and embraced our undeniable synergy. Two companies against texting and driving became one. And now, in 2018, it is with great pleasure that we launch the product of our collaboration, our new-and-improved solution: MOTOVATE™.   

Uniting Two Companies Against Texting and Driving

Bringing the TextNinja and Drive Beehive teams together to create a coalition of companies against distracted driving was the easy part. Then, with a vision in mind and proven designs on both sides, the real work began. After we bridged all the gaps and completely joined forces, we realized that the scope of our problem-solving capabilities had grown, too. Distracted driving, specifically texting and driving, is still the number one cause of deaths among teenagers in the United States, but it’s part of a much bigger digital wellness issue.

Addressing Digital Wellness in a Modern World

The habit of text messagingThrough our research, we determined that the root cause of texting and driving is bad habits. Phone habits are affected by many different factors and extend to many aspects of life. In today’s technology-saturated world, we know that our reliance on digital connectivity is sometimes not by choice, even when we’re behind the wheel. We have families who require regular contact, friends who might pass us up for the free tickets if we don’t answer (hello, FOMO!), and most notably, employers who require staying connected on and off the clock (in reality, many of us have more than one of these).

So, we decided to redesign our flagship solution with a healthy work-life balance to address the issue of digital wellness throughout our daily lives. But digital wellness isn’t just about ditching your phone. It’s about using technology in a smart, safe, and efficient way. It’s about understanding the priority of those pressing real-life matters vs. the priority of focusing your attention behind the wheel. It’s about taking control of your technology, and not letting your technology control you. And now, with MOTOVATE™, our upgraded solution, it’s also about getting rewards!

MOTOVATE: Driving Wellness with Rewards

The MOTOVATE™ app combines the winning functionalities of previous Drive Beehive and TextNinja app designs to extend what we already knew about digital wellness, habits, and behavior change to driver safety in other areas of life, too. Distracted driving holds additional risk for fleets and company drivers, and damages, injuries, and lost wages resulting from distracted driving collisions cost U.S. companies billions of dollars every year.

Our driver-centric solution still works great for families, but now also acts as an app-supported driver wellness program (much like a step-counter for employee fitness) that can help reduce risk and save time for company fleets. It turns out that positive incentives work well for changing the habits of most people (not just teenage drivers), AND companies are willing to offer incentives for their employees to drive safely.

“MOTOVATE’s design integrates insights from interviews, surveys, and conversations with fleet managers who wanted something that was not ‘big brother’, offered the carrot over the stick, and that their drivers could share with their families. Our solution already showcased most of these values, so it only made sense to provide an effective solution to distracted driving for corporate America, too. ” ~Jim Ramirez, TextNinja Co. CEO

The app still has the same connected car accuracy as previous designs, but also allows for future no-hardware versions. Social platform connectivity and gamification features continue to encourage engagement and interaction as well as help to spread distracted driving awareness. With improvements in the reward system (individual, peer-to-peer and corporate-sponsored rewards), and the addition of multiple team building capabilities, MOTOVATE™ allows users to drive distraction-free for multiple reasons at once.

Ready to Find Out What ‘Motovates’ YOU?

Whatever your ‘motovation’ is (following workplace requirements, staying alive for your loved ones, supporting an awareness non-profit, earning rewards, or all of the above), MOTOVATE™ makes safe driving easy and fun. Would you like to see a safe driving program at your company that could earn you employee benefits, and you can take home to keep your kids, wife, or even grandma safe? Go to www.GetMotovate.com to learn more and try out the MOTOVATE™ app for yourself.

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What’s That Ninja Up To?

TextNinja will continue to act as a distracted driving awareness headquarters/ninja and support future collaboration between organizations, prevention solutions, awareness advocates and speakers, and companies against texting and driving. The launch and upgrade to the MOTOVATE™ app adds to the list of tools that TextNinja employs to combat the epidemic of distracted driving.




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