Drive Beehive & TextNinja #JoinForces as BeeNinja?

After playing in the distracted driving prevention arena for a few years each, both the Drive BeeHive and TextNinja teams saw the need for something more.  We have always promoted the power of joining forces, and now we’ve really gone and done it… (and no, it’s NOT called BeeNinja!)

Distracted Driving Coalition

View the Coalition-Press-Release.

The two texting-and-driving solutions, both with different functionalities, will be combining efforts to create an even more powerful force against distracted driving.

The TextNinja app will be upgraded to include the winning functionalities of Drive Beehive (like peer-to-peer sponsored rewards and GPS activation). These features fit well with TextNinja’s current gameful design and positive incentive approach.

Coalition Against Distracted Driving – A Force for Good

The TextNinja team, now doubled in size and power, believes the more safe-driving advocates we can connect, the better. A powerful nation-wide distracted driving coalition should include tech companies, non-profits, schools, community leaders, and everyone who wants to end distracted driving tragedies.

In addition to a rock-star development, marketing, and business development teams, this coalition brings with it the support of People Against Distracted Driving, and a collection of other national safety organizations (including in-app Campaigns for Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation, Students Against Destructive Decisions, National Organizations for Youth Safety, and the Conor Lynch Foundation).

People Against Distracted Driving
Conor Lynch Foundation Fights Distracted Driving


APB Foundation is an organization fighting to Stop texting and driving
National Organization for Youth Safety is trying to stop texting and driving
Students Against Destructive Decisions is an organization against texting and driving


Join the Distracted Driving Coalition! Try the New App!

Want to be part of the movement and try out the new, rewarding way to drive savely?  Sign up below and we’ll send you an announcement when the best-in-breed app is ready for launch! #SaveYoself

(Of course, we encourage you drive text-free in the meantime, too!)



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