The Viral Unicorn Frappe

No Starbucks drink has ever been as magical as the new Unicorn Frappuccino (at least marketing magic if nothing else).  In a matter of just a few days, it has swept the nation. Some praise the sugar-laden drink, and although it is okay to #treatyoself occasionally, the frappe has some valid criticisms too.

The color-changing, mango-based cream frappuccino with a layer of sour is evidently so difficult to make that Starbucks baristas are flipping out. But we don’t care how magical or stressful, no drink should ever cause you to drive distracted.

When the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Becomes Deadly

The drink is not made of literal “unicorn crap” (though one of those words could be used to describe the ingredient list). But while the ingredients won’t win any health awards, having one of these drinks shouldn’t kill you. When the Starbucks Unicorn Frappacino becomes deadly, however, is when it is the cause for distracted driving.

This video of Starbucks barista Braden Burson having a meltdown about the Unicorn Frappe has gone absolutely viral. And we feel your pain, Braden, but PLEASE not while you’re driving! The most stressful day of his barista life could have easily turned into the last day.

It’s not only an example of visual distraction, but manual and cognitive too! The video has even been shared by national television networks without the slightest mention of distracted driving. So this has us wondering, how can our society be more concerned with a Starbucks drink than a deadly (and illegal) habit?!?

Starbucks – Do Something About It!

Of course it’s not the fault of a Unicorn Frappaccino or Starbucks in general that their barista drove distracted. But
should or could they do something to protect their employees? Promoting a culture of safety is big for a lot of companies, and that should extend to driver when the unicorn frappucino becomes deadlysafety too. The time and money that a car
collision costs individuals will be directly reflected in their place of employment.

So, the large international chain could be setting a good example. Imagine if Starbucks could claim that every Starbucks barista (and that’s a lot of baristas!) drove text-free. Using an app like TextNinja, it is possible!

The gameful design and positive incentive-based model allow the TextNinja app to be more than a simple silencer of distractions. All employees would be competing (on a national and local level) for the most text-free driving for meaningful rewards. Most of the US population would say that a Starbucks coffee would be reason enough to drive text-free, but the employees might prefer a different incentive.

Unicorn VS Ninja

Whether or not Starbucks accepts a challenge to promote driver safety, YOU can choose to drive text-free on your own (#saveyoself). Since today is the last day for the magical Unicorn Frappaccino, you can use your trip to Starbucks as your first official text-free miles! Or if you can’t even stand the thought of the frappe, get TextNinja and drive text-free to protest Starbucks’ relaxed view of road safety. Yes, there are a lot of points to be made about the video of the barista, but let’s make sure that we mention the distracted driving!


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