Learn How TextNinja is Working to Stop Texting and Driving

Just how does a startup company go from idea to market with a solution to texting and driving? Listen in on this episode of Product Talk to get an inside look. Our very own Jess Goodwin sits down to chat with Jason Edgecomb from EX3 Labs.


The People in this Interview

Jess Goodwin from TextNinja Organization

Jess Goodwin

Co-Founder and Chief Operations and Communications Officer at TextNinja Co.

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Jason Edgecombe Jr from Ex3Labs Organization

Jason Edgecombe Jr.

Business Development at Ex3 Labs

Jason has spent the last 10 years supporting and consulting start-ups on everything from business analysis and business development to product strategy. Years of experience as an athlete left him with a strong desire to compete and win. As an analyst Jason’s passion lies not just in the data, but in creating clarity by drilling into details and asking relevant questions.


About EX3Labs

Ex3 Labs is an innovation studio that seeks to design the experiences of the future, and focuses on helping companies create, validate and launch new ideas, digital products and services.

EX3 Labs Organization


Other Organizations Working to Stop Texting and Driving

There are literally hundreds of organizations against distracted driving. Many of them have personal stories and history that drove them to become what they are. In any case, each organization is important because this problem requires a large amount of awareness as well as solutions. TextNinja Co. is a startup company fighting distracted driving with a solution that incorporates raising awareness.

Learn more about the team and our story.


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