Join Forces to End Distracted Driving

By: Jim Ramirez

A New Distracted Driving Campaign

In September, we announced a new safety partnership with the Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation (or APB Foundation) and we’re very excited about the synergy of our ninjas with APB Foundation’s Bandana Army! It’s proof of our distracted driving Campaign feature and the power of meaningful partnerships.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

APB and TextNinja join forces to end distracted driving
The APB foundation is one of a few dozen organizations attempting to raise awareness around the dangers of distracted driving to help save lives. When we were researching the problem in 2013, we realized that half the battle of ending distracted driving was going to be getting people to understand the dangers. And we knew we wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

Empowering Those with a Story

According to the facts and statistics, most people are aware that it’s both risky and illegal. But just knowing the facts doesn’t lead to behavior change. As the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) quoted in our recent twitter chat (#JoinForces), “Stats don’t stick, but stories do.” What really makes a difference is when someone has a close call or a real collision themselves, or hears a moving enough story, like Anthony’s. It’s only when the danger becomes relevant that people correctly weigh the risks, consider the consequences, and are motivated to change their behavior.

Our goal with safety partnerships is to empower their stories to help drive the message home. We can’t just offer a solution and casually tell people to stop texting and driving, they need to want to change….

Distracted driving Campaign for awareness

Enter TextNinja Campaigns! With the Campaigns feature, organizations like APB Foundation can share their story, motivate text-free driving, AND provide a working solution to their followers who already want to drive safely. And because TextNinja is a game (we’re keeping score!), Campaigns quantify their efforts so they can see the effectiveness of their message.

Other users of the TextNinja app who didn’t start driving text-free because of a specific organization can still browse distracted driving Campaigns and contribute their safe driving points to a bigger cause.

As more users decide to drive text-free and log their miles with TextNinja, we’re able to add up the number of distractions prevented, collisions avoided, and statistically lives saved! Being able to document how many lives you have saved?!? Now that’s powerful!

Let’s #JoinForces

Are you part of an organization that is focused on safety? Create a campaign of your own and start tallying up the distractions, collisions, and loss of life that you’ve helped to prevent. It’s free, easy, and a meaningful way to #JoinForces with an empowering solution!


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