Bubble Soccer and an App to Stop Texting and Driving?

By: Jess Goodwin

Widespread campaigns from the government, other apps to stop texting and driving, and national safety organizations are contributing to growing levels of awareness about distracted driving. But for most people, it’s all-too-easy to acknowledge the dangerous statistics, and then quickly forget the relevance to their own lives.

Millennials and adults are quick to agree that it’s a problem and point fingers, but are sometimes just as guilty. More and more people, especially teens and their parents, are becoming familiar with the issue, and the distracted driving facts are compelling. But how many drivers are actually doing something about it?

At TextNinja our core values revolve around creating a solution to texting and driving that is easy and practical for everyone to adopt. A solution that not only helps to spread awareness, but offers a way to put it into action. We call this two-fold approach (equally promoting awareness AND encouraging action) the TextNinja Balance.

Recently, on July 21st, we held our first annual community rallying event, in the form of a bubble soccer tournament! Aside for being a ton of sweaty fun, this event, “Battle The Odds: Ninja Vs. FOMO”, was an opportunity to showcase the actionable side of the TextNinja solution.

textninja zipcar battle balls app to stop texting and driving

Now, you might be asking yourself, “What does bubble soccer have to do with an app to stop texting and driving?”.

We can talk all day about the thousands of tragic but preventable collisions caused by distracted driving, but unfortunately it might never seem relevant until you or someone you love is involved in one of those tragedies. But a fun awareness rally with collisions you can survive (in Battle Balls)?!? It’s memorable in a positive way. You can bet everyone that got slammed to the ground in an inflatable bubble now knows the TextNinja name and mission. And the next time they’re behind the wheel it will be juuuuussst that much harder to ignore those dangerous statistics that are looming in the back of their head.

And now, with the iphone launch, safe driving is as attainable as ever. In a world that is overly-connected and regularly plagued by FOMO, there’s now a reason to want to be safe, and a realistic way to make it a part of your life.

The road to change the trends of distracted driving could be a long one, but with a balanced approach, it can be done. We can only hope that all of the awareness promotion and community rallying by TextNinja and other organizations and apps to stop texting and driving will lead to real action by individuals like YOU!


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