How to Stop Texting and Driving Teens

By: Jess Goodwin

A wise man (Henry David Thoreau) once said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”  While this is true, it can be helpful (especially for young, habit-forming minds) to get something along the way to encourage a positive reaction to what they might become.  For instance, while becoming a safe driver is the ultimate goal, it might not seem that important or desirable to your teen.  But what if they’re getting paid to do it?!?

The all-too-frequent tragedies of texting-while-driving accidents (or as the activists at say, ‘crashes’) are a realistic jolt, and talking about it regularly and being a good example are extremely important, too.  But often, when behind the wheel – with windows down, fav song playing, bestie riding shotgun after school – the threat of potential danger is easily forgotten.  Despite laws, facts, articles, or even promises and pledges, all it takes is one loud “Ding!” to slip back into the risky habit.

How Do We Stop Texting and Driving Teens?

Texting and Driving Teens Safety Poster

At TextNinja we fully believe in the power of positive incentives – the carrot vs. the stick.  The best way to stop texting and driving teens is not through scare tactics, but by offering a tangible reward, along with an app to silence distractions and help to curb the temptation (oh, hey, I know of one!).  For a large percentage of new drivers (and humans in general) the most memorable positive incentive is, of course, cold hard cash.

Enter the $AFETY FIR$T rewards poster…

At TextNinja we’ve been working to calculate the exact amount of incentive that it takes to get the average person to stop texting while driving, and the truth is, it’s a pretty wide range.  For some it is very little, and the monetary reward simply acts as a reminder, but that’s not always the case.  This poster is designed to allow you to customize specifically to stop your teen from texting and driving.

By placing the poster in a high-visibility location (bedroom door, entry hallway), they will be regularly reminded to drive safely, and by earning rewards, they will want to continue to do so.  As all new drivers should know, with the freedom to drive comes tons of new responsibilities, too.  TextNinja offers a positive way to balance both.

The poster is available as a power-up to any order here.

For More:

– Check out our resources for families page.
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  1. Glenn Gottfried says:

    With three driving teens, the odds were against me for keeping them safe and keeping an accident off of my insurance policy (about 1 in 2 do). But by posting a daily, visible reminder, they thought about safe driving every time they got behind the wheel, and I was able to harness the power of positive incentives. The outcome: NO tickets or accidents with all three!

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