Driving Awareness at the Chicago Auto Show

By: Jess Goodwin

More Clearly: Distracted Driving Awareness

TextNinja is very happy to be part of the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, helping to raise distracted driving awareness! It is in honor to take part of something so historically large in size and importance in the automobile innovation scene.

As we race towards autonomous cars and ever-improving urban mobility through a connected car revolution, it is easy to get swept up in the latest and greatest automotive trends. Of course there has always been a place for safety at the Auto Show, and exhibitors give a lot of attention to how ‘safe’ their brands are in the eyes of the public. But until every car, old clunker or shiny new, is somehow a distraction-free environment for drivers, distracted driving is a safety topic worth discussing.

distracted driving awareness at the chicago auto show

Plenty of cars’ new features and dashboard advancements (such as on-screen diagnostics, navigation systems, or blind-spot cameras) add an element of safety, in one way or another, and allow for drivers to complete tasks much more conveniently. But, it is important not to lose sight of the main task at hand: driving. Travelling to and arriving safely at your destination is the number one priority. Most car manufacturers address the issue of distracted driving with at least an awareness campaign, but for consumers to really take action, more is needed.

TextNinja hopes to remind auto enthusiasts that without knocking or missing out on the new-and-improved, and for barely more than it costs to attend the Auto Show, they can protect their families with a simple solution for smartphone distractions.

Partnering with Illinois SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), TextNinja will be bring to the Chicago Auto Show a driving simulator and helpful information on distracted driving awareness and solutions, as well as raffles and discounts on the TextNinja solution. In addition to showing how safety matters in auto tech and innovation, TextNinja will also be announcing an upcoming awareness campaign called “6X16: ”, so stayed tuned for more details on how to get involved in the battle against distracted driving!

Are you part of an organization trying to raise distracted driving awareness?

Find out how you can use TextNinja to promote your texting and driving campaigns.

“The Auto Show is the place for cutting edge Connected Car technology, and we are utilizing the movement in a way that benefits the safety of families across the nation.” ~Founder, Jim Ramirez



  1. Mark D. says:

    Saw your setup at the auto show. Told my wife I’m getting her this – she’s excited to try it!

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