By: Jess Goodwin

Chatting Facts About Texting While Driving

Spoiler alert: it’s not just teens. Parents, employees, and just about every type of demographic do their fair share of texting behind the wheel. Even a radio host will admit to it on the air! Watch and learn more of the facts about texting while driving as TextNinja founder Jim Ramirez talks with Scott Kitun from Tomorrow’s Business Today on WGN Radio.

“Don’t text and drive. 30% of teens read, and 25% actually respond to their text messages while driving – and this doesn’t even account for other phone related distractions. It’s a serious problem and not just for kids!

To help silence these distractions and hopefully save lives; Jim Ramirez, founder of Chicago-based TextNinja Co, is here to share more about this growing problem and how his company hopes to break this dangerous habit.”

What is Tomorrow’s Business Today?

Tomorrow’s Business Today is a forum where Chicago’s thought leaders can indulge in the riches of ideation, entrepreneurship and innovation currently fueling Chicago’s tech resurgence.

By showcasing thought leadership across disciplines, TBT on WGN breaks down the barriers between traditional business and disruptive technology, creating a dynamic space for intellectual exploration and discovery.

Scott Kitun is a Chicago-based entrepreneur, founder of Techfacture and host of Tomorrow’s Business Today. As an innovation expert with more than 10 years experience, Mr. Kitun’s creative and disciplined approach helps leaders help leaders; analyze industry innovation patterns, structure internal innovation and make conscious, considered choices to innovate with divergence.

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