An App to Stop Texting While Driving

By: Jess Goodwin

The Birth of a Ninja…

Innovations in software technology have been adding to the convenience of our lives for decades, necessarily so, and there’s really no end in sight. The trends are sending us Back to the Future at increasingly exciting speeds.  But how does this relate to an app to stop texting while driving?

In 2014, the average US smartphone user accessed 26 apps for a total of 37 minutes per month, a 63% increase from 2012, and we can clearly see that it doesn’t seem to be a passing fad. We have the opportunity to easily keep improving, refining, and streamlining issues as a society by grabbing on to the latest trending ideas. And as new inconveniences or annoyances arise, we can be sure that as soon as it becomes widespread enough, someone will create an app to improve it.

A Problem that Technology Created

App to stop texting while driving

But at what point does it become too much? When does sharing become over-sharing, tracking become spying, and solving problems actually create more? Not all new and advanced amenities make things collectively better.

TextNinja began simply as a problem-solving exercise, when the problem of texting-while-driving was growing exponentially with no real, long-term solutions emerging. It is a unique problem, because it’s actually created by technology and connectivity, which in most other cases is an improvement. But at what point did our connectivity become more important than our safety?

There have always been distractions for drivers – eating, applying make-up, kids in the back seat, searching or even just listening to the radio, etc, etc – but with omnipresent cell phones and the mobile accessibility of almost everything, the associated dangers have been taken to a whole new level. The more we learn about the different types of distractions (manual, visual, and cognitive), the more we can predict what a viable solution must include, and how we can create an app to stop texting while driving.

Real Problems Need Real Solutions

A truly relevant solution to the problem of texting-while-driving must also account for the human element of FOMO (a slang acronym for “fear of missing out”). Teens especially fall victim to FOMO because they have never known what it feels like to be disconnected from instant information, communication, or entertainment, but it is natural for everyone.

After years of exploring these issues, this is exactly where TextNinja saw the opportunity to create a smart, fun, behavior-changing solution. By utilizing the existing technologies and advancements of the connected car revolution, and connecting the talents of a hard-working team with the passions of solving a worthwhile problem, TextNinja was born as a REAL texting and driving app.




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