The Texting and Driving App

TextNinja is a no texting and driving app for iPhone and Android. It approaches the problem of distracted driving as a whole, providing a positive incentive, and balancing safe driving with raising awareness.

Main Features

  • Earn Rewards

    The system is gamefully designed to score points and earn rewards for driving text-free.

  • Silence Phone Notifications While Driving

    Automatically silence distracting phone notifications while driving, including both text and app notifications*. This helps eliminate unnecessary distractions and puts the driver in control of their attention.

  • Auto-Reply to SMS Messages

    Send a customized reply message to incoming texts. This alerts your friends that you are driving and helps raise awareness about the dangers of distractions.

  • Designed for the Connected Car

    Using the latest Connected Car Bluetooth technology, your phone can connect to virtually ANY car and makes it easy to drive text-free. Learn why this is better than GPS-based systems and the future of connected car safety.

*Silences All SMS and App Notifications Including:

App silences text and popular messaging app notifications

texting and driving app
Android texting and driving app

Raising Awareness

  • Social Sharing

    This is a social issue and it’s going to require a communal effort to solve. TextNinja is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can share your driving milestones and lead by example.

  • Leaderboards

    A little competition can go a long way to inspire change. Plus, it feels good to share your progress, especially when it’s for the greater good.

  • Awareness Campaigns

    There are hundreds of groups and safety organizations trying to raise awareness around the issue. Put your points toward a cause and help end distracted driving, together. Learn More About Campaigns

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The TextNinja Scoring Engine

In order to stop texting and driving, we need to do two things. First we need to curb our own behavior. Second, we need to raise awareness in social circles. This complimenting of personal achievement with public advocacy is what we call the TextNinja balance.

Drive with Texting and Driving App Engaged

Drive with TextNinja Engaged

Points are scored automatically by using the app correctly and driving text-free. Watch your shuriken build up as you progress through each belt level.

texting and driving app achievements

Earn Special Achievements

The TextNinja balance ensures you are curbing your own behavior as well as raising social awareness. Each belt level requires you to reach safe driving milestones and earn social badges.

TextNinja BlackBelt

Level-up your Ninja Belt!

Your belt color is the ultimate indicator of your progress. Each belt color holds meaning and importance, but do you have what it takes to reach TextNinja BlackBelt?


Take Action – Start Driving Text-Free Today

TextNinja Text Free Driving Kit


This inclusive kit provides you with everything you need to start driving text-free. The TextNinja solution is optimized to be smart and accurate (the connected car adapter), to credit you and organizations for awareness efforts (personalized app link), and give you the power to break the habit.


– A Personalized App Link
– 1 Connected Car Adapter
– The TextNinja Challenge Pledge
– 2 TextNinja Vinyl Stickers




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Love This App

Great for preventing distracted driving.