Learn How TextNinja is Working to Stop Texting and Driving

Just how does a startup company go from idea to market with a solution to texting and driving? Listen in on this episode of Product Talk to get an inside look. Our very own Jess Goodwin sits down to chat with Jason Edgecomb from EX3 Labs.

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Battle the Dangers of Texting and Driving with Capitalism

by: Guest writer Paul Sippil

TextNinja tackles a serious public safety concern in an innovative way.  Rather than view texting while driving through the lens of punishment and control, it creates positive incentives for people to alter their behavior through a phone app where drivers will earn points for successfully refraining from texting while driving.  It also automatically silences incoming texts and sends a customized reply message, which alerts your friends that you are driving and helps raise awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.  The app even has a Campaign feature that allows community organizations to share their story, motivate text-free driving, AND provide a working solution to their followers who already want to drive safely, while quantifying their efforts through a points system so they can see the effectiveness of their message.
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How to Prevent Texting and Driving with Rewards

by: Jim Ramirez

The Statistical Cost of Texting and Driving

In part 1, we explored the statistics on distracted driving to find out how many text message distractions it takes to cause a collision behind the wheel. We found that it takes on average around 97,000 text distractions to cause a crash. Now, let’s put a monetary value on this concept, and see if the risk is relevant enough to prevent texting and driving!

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Texting Thumb Bands and TextNinja #JoinForces

by: Jess Goodwin

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Texting Thumb Bands from Denver, CO! For the past 10 years, they have have been running one of the most successful distracted driving awareness campaigns and simple reminder programs in the country. By joining forces, TextNinja’s texting and driving solution is added to this already powerful outreach.
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Join Forces to End Distracted Driving

By: Jim Ramirez

A New Distracted Driving Campaign

In September, we announced a new safety partnership with the Anthony Phoenix Branca Foundation (or APB Foundation) and we’re very excited about the synergy of our ninjas with APB Foundation’s Bandana Army! It’s proof of our distracted driving Campaign feature and the power of meaningful partnerships.
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