Mobile Telematics for the Grey Fleet

Grey fleet (or “gray” fleet) is the term used to describe any vehicles that do not belong to the company, but which are used for business travel. This includes vehicles owned or leased by the employee via some form of reimbursement program from the employer. When these vehicles are driven on company business, they are considered part of the “grey fleet” – and as such fall under the responsibility of the employer. Like any company fleet, these drivers and their vehicles can be a challenge to manage.

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Fleet Safety Metrics:  Lagging Indicators vs. “Nagging” Indicators

By: Jim Ramirez

In his blog titled Measurement: Friend or Foe, world renown thought leader and recognized expert on management, Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D., wrote, “Measurement changes nothing unless it is associated with meaningful consequences to those being measured.”  This is especially true for fleet safety metrics, where the ability to influence driver behavior is the biggest challenge facing fleets.  Incentivizing driver behavior can help any fleet reduce their risk, including the risk of distracted driving. However, as Dr. Daniels put it, be aware of which metrics are friend or foe.  

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Preventing Distracted Driving Among your Professional Sales Force

By: Jim Ramirez

A good friend once told me, “everyone in the world is in sales, they just don’t know it.” Regardless of what anyone does for a living, they are in the business of selling themselves, their skills, their services and convincing others that they are needed.
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Investing in Fleet Safety Technology: Distracted Driving and Telematics

By: TextNinja

Using the PERCEPT-CON™ Program to Help You Decide

When it comes to new (and potentially unproven) fleet safety technologies, there is really only one question: should I make the investment? Moreover, management is asking if this technology is not only the right fit for their fleet risk, but also for their company culture. At TextNinja, we help managers answer those questions through our one-of-a-kind telematics Perception Continuum (PERCEPT-CON™) program. Read more


By: TextNinja

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Every year around this time safe driving becomes a topic of discussion. Particularly, the issue of distracted driving by cell phones. Many people, especially if they work for a company that has fleet vehicles, will notice the topic come up on a work newsletter or see a news story segment on tv. But does anyone know why April became the month the country rallies around raising awareness about this issue? Read more

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