Texting Thumb Bands and TextNinja #JoinForces

by: Jess Goodwin

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Texting Thumb Bands from Denver, CO! For the past 10 years, they have have been running one of the most successful distracted driving awareness campaigns and simple reminder programs in the country. By joining forces, TextNinja’s texting and driving solution is added to this already powerful outreach.

The Texting Thumb Bands’ flagship product is a silicone thumb band that can be customized to deliver a meaningful safety reminder not to text and drive. But along with these simple, trendy reminders, comes a safety campaign kit that gives schools, law enforcement, and hospitals all the tools needed to spread awareness and get people to drive text-free. And now, an actual texting and driving solution will come with it, too!

“The Texting Thumb Bands + TextNinja partnership combines the most popular anti-texting campaign with the most effective and feasible solution. We’re in this together, so we should be fixing it together.”

Friends prevent texting and driving

Now when schools and organizations across the nation choose to become text-free by using the Texting Thumb Bands kit, not only will they sign a pledge and get unique thumb band reminders, but with TextNinja they’ll take action and compete to see who can make the biggest difference in the fight against distracted driving.

Campaigns created through Texting Thumb Bands outreach will join other TextNinja Campaigns to give drivers a team-focused reason to stop texting behind the wheel.

TextNinja is designed like a game, so we’re keeping score, and we’re tapping into the power of positive incentives and our competitive nature to drive change – We’re calling this the TextNinja Challenge (more to come soon!).

To get your school, non-profit, or organization into the TextNinja Challenge, create a free Campaign, and to keep up with other TextNinja news, be sure to “join the community” at the bottom of our website!

For more information on Texting Thumb Bands, check out their Don’t Text and Drive blog.


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