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    Gameful Design to Stop Texting and Driving

    Gameful Design to Stop Texting and Driving

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    Text-Free Driving Kits

    Text-Free Driving Kits

    It’s a no-brainer. Reserve one today and start driving text-free.


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Know a friend or family member that can’t stop texting and driving? Teen drivers can establish safe driving habits and parents can break their own bad habits.


Protect Your Family

Learn how we empower safety organizations, schools, and other groups with a tool to prevent texting and driving. Let’s end distracted driving, together!


Start A Campaign

Protect your fleet, reduce costs, and instill brand values from the top-down. Help fight distracted driving with a digital wellness program.


Mitigate Your Risk

“TextNinja makes a game of banning texting and driving”
Stop Texting and Driving Coverage from Chicago Tribune

A Winning Social Solution To Stop Texting and Driving

TextNinja approaches the problem of distracted driving with positive incentives to drive behavior change.
Learn More About:

  How the App Works

  Safety Campaigns

“What if keeping your phone away while driving was as common as putting on your seat belt?” Chicago Inno Helps Stop Texting and Driving with Articles about TextNinja

Safety Meets Connected Car

The TextNinja adapter can turn any car made after 1996 into a connected car.
Get a Connected Car Adapter.

Some of Our Safety Partners Helping to Stop Texting and Driving

APB Foundation Fights to Stop texting and driving
The Conor Lynch Foundation supports TextNinja and text-free driving
National Organization for Youth Safety
Students Against Destructive Decisions


App Reviews

Love This App

Love This App

Great for preventing distracted driving.